How long have you done photography?
I have been done photography for about 10 years now, but started focusing on weddings and portraiture about 6 years ago.

How would you define your style?
My style is probably best defined as a documentary or lifestyle approach. On the wedding day, I keep everything smooth and relaxed. I like to talk with you, joke with you, and connect with you so that I can really get fun, laughing, and emotional shots that matter.

Can we come to you if we have questions about planning our wedding day?
Absolutely, in fact, I encourage it. I’m happy to draw on my past experiences to help enhance the weddings of my current clients. Typically, this involves helping couples with an efficient timeline for the wedding day. In the weeks approaching the wedding, I’m happy to talk with you to ensure that you get the feel of the day you want, but also that I can get the time I need to perform my best.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use professional Nikon equipment to capture my images as well as secure backup solutions to ensure the files are always safe.

Do you bring an assistant?
Typically no. Since I started weddings, I’ve trained to work fast, travel light, and cover an entire room efficiently so I’ve never needed a second shooter to get the job done. However, if you would like a second shooter, I can have one come with me; but there would be an additional fee for their time.

How long after the wedding until we can see our photos?
This varies depending on my workload, but typically you’ll be seeing an online slideshow of photos a few weeks after the wedding and final photo delivery between 3-5 weeks.

How many photos can we expect?
This will vary based on the duration of the wedding, but you can expect 700-900 for an all-day wedding.

Will all the pictures we receive be edited?
All photos you receive will be edited to the same extent as the ones on my site. My process covers exposure, colors, color temperature, and contrast. Retouching like blemishes and stray hairs are beyond my normal editing and will incur a creative fee of $50 per hour for my time.

How do we get photos printed?
With all wedding collections, I give a flash drive of images to you with a release so you have the freedom of getting your own prints. Higher quality prints are available through me, as the online gallery doubles as a storefront, which enables your family and friends to order as well so you are completely taken out of the process.

Why should we order prints from you?
I believe in giving my clients flexibility to get their own prints made, but I also believe in delivering a good product. My prints are printed at one of the best labs in the country that caters to professional photographers. They understand and meet the print quality and service that we professionals expect. The photos are printed on state of the art presses using the highest quality papers and inks to ensure a rich images that will last.

Do you travel?
Absolutely, I love new adventures! If you’ve found a far away destination and want get married there, I would love to tag along. I also enjoy traveling for engagement sessions, so I’d be happy to come to you if necessary.

Do you photograph engagements?
Absolutely. In fact, I recommend them to all of my clients. Engagements allow us to get beautiful photos under controlled conditions and let us get to know each other before the wedding day. We can share some laughs, learn how we work together, and simply pick up where we left off on the wedding day.

What is the best time of day to shoot?
I typically like shooting at dawn or dusk. I love the look of natural light and these two times of day yield the best results. I also recommend scheduling your wedding day portraits at an optimal time for lighting to get some amazing images.

What if you're ill on our wedding day?
Don’t worry, I am friends with lots of photographers. I would make a call to someone comparable to my skill level and have them cover for me. All the details would be sorted out later. I’ll get someone there and you’ll proceed with your wedding day as you always intended. You won’t have to worry about a thing. However, I've never missed a wedding yet (knock on wood).

What is required to book with you?
Booking is simple. I’ll send you an agreement that goes over all of the terms and conditions. Once you've read and signed it, you’ll send it back to me along with a non-refundable retainer fee of $1,000. Once your wedding agreement and retainer are received, you’re officially on the calendar. The rest of the balance plus applicable taxes and expenses are due two weeks prior to the wedding.

Can we meet with you before booking?
Sure! In fact, I recommend it. Sitting down with you beforehand allows us to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit before working together. I’d love to hear about how you met, how you popped the question, and your future plans. If you’d like to meet up over dinner, go out for drinks, or even just have coffee, feel free to ask. Don’t live near me? No big deal, I’m used to doing Skype calls with potential clients as well. Shoot me an email and we’ll get one set up.

What information do you need before the wedding day?
The only things I will need before your wedding day are:

1. A filled out questionnaire that I send to all my couples to gather valuable information before the wedding day.

2. A detailed itinerary of all the major events and times. I prefer to have these at least two weeks before your wedding so I can look them over and alert you of any problems. I want you to have a fun and easy experience so I love helping out brides in this way.