2018 Wedding Favorites


Well, I finally got my act together and compiled my collection of some of my favorite wedding photographs from 2018. I say these are only some of my favorites because I really slaved away for hours to get this down to a more manageable number. Going through thousands of photos while remaining objective is hard, because each one of these shots is personal to me. I feel connected to them. Each one is a memory that I helped to create and capture for my clients.

This year has been an incredible year and has built upon everything I’ve learned in the past. I can feel myself further honing my craft and delivering increasingly beautiful images. 2018 was a great year of building relationships with my clients and working with them to not only make their wedding day meaningful, but also fun. As I look through all of these images, I’m saddened to think that all of these moments are behind me. However, as I’m getting ready to begin my 10th year shooting weddings, I’m excited to see how my work will improve, meet some amazing people, and see what adventures lie ahead.

So, for the clients I had the pleasure of working with this year, I can’t thank you enough for the trust and confidence you place in me to capture your wedding. It’s truly an honor and without all of you amazing people, I wouldn’t enjoy what I do so much. I’m beyond happy that I could tell your story and hope you cherish the photos for the rest of your lives.

And, to my 2019 clients reading this, buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride. Cheers!