3 Reasons why you should have a blog

This morning I had an interesting talk with another photographer from my area about blogging. More specifically, we discussed the process of starting a blog and what the business benefits were. Soon it became abundantly clear to me that blogs were actually just as important, if not more so than a photographer’s main site. Here are a couple reasons why a blog can boost your business: 1. Search engines LOVE them. That’s not an exaggeration, blogs really the perfect sites to be picked up by a search engine. They have a well-organized page structure, lots of keywords, one subject per post, most posts are straight to the point, they all have a good foundation of coding, and they are constantly updated. All of these aspects make them very search engine friendly. Often times you can create a post on your blog and not only will your blog’s main URL be picked up by a seach engine, but also the page containing that specific post, giving you two entries instead of one. How great is that?

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2. They encourage interaction from your readers. The key to marketing and selling your product or service is communication and having a blog makes it incredibly easy for them to interact with you. Allowing your readers talk to you is great because it enables them to share their ideas with you, it opens the door for networking and friendships, and it also allows for discussions which help keep your readers entertained and more likely to come back to your site.

3. Blogs are built for change. This is kind of a no-brainer, but think about it a second before you jump all over me. Most photographers I know don’t change their portfolio sites too much. They have a collection of their best work on it and though they may update it every now and then, but it mostly stays the same. So why would someone keep coming back to look at it? A blog, on the other hand, is dynamic. It is a means to keep the world informed on what you’ve been doing and the constant updates give people a reason to keep coming back. By coming to your blog, your readers can see your latest work soon after you shoot it, give you comments, and possibly influence or help you get ideas for your next shoot. If you play your cards right, that person could even be your next shoot. You can also use a blog to serve as an archive and show the progression of your photography over a period of time to see how you’ve grown as an artist.

So these are just a few of the immediate benefits that I can see. If you have any more ideas, remember: sharing is caring – so post them up! Comments are always appreciated!