3 Years

3 years ago, our lives took a dramatic change as my wife and I brought home our daughter, Sophie, from the hospital. I remember everything about the experience including the excitement/nervousness for what lay ahead of us. This weekend, we celebrated Sophie's birthday and I couldn't help but reflect back to that time and take notice of how much she has grown, matured, and how much our love for her has grown as well. It blows my mind to think about where she is now and also where she is headed. When we embarked on the journey of parenthood, we couldn't have predicted that we would have such a beautiful, well-behaved, polite, funny, playful, and sincere little sweetheart that she's growing up to be.

The festivities for our little monkey lasted the entire weekend and kicked off Friday night with a little slumber party with mama and a pile of stuffed animals. We woke early Saturday morning and got everyone ready to head to the mall for some playtime, a special trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop, chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch, and topped it all off with some ice cream covered in sprinkles and gummy bears. Yum. But, we weren't done yet.

Upon leaving the mall, Sophie was looking a little sluggish and ended up nearly passing out in the car. We went over to Nana's house to let her charge her batteries for a few hours before waking up to a giant pile of presents. We all had fun opening them and playing with all the little toys. Finally, we wrapped the night up with pizza for dinner and some special birthday cupcakes. By the end of the night, this kid was exhausted and passed out immediately. Birthday success!

As I said in the beginning, I'm amazed and excited to see Sophie grow and develop into the person she's going to be. All I've ever wanted to be is a father and I'm so happy to have such an amazing daughter.

Happy Birthday Monkey, I love you!

Sophie Turns 3 | Brian DavisSophie Turns 3 | Brian DavisSophie Turns 3 | Brian Davis