80's Roller Skate Party: Teaser

This weekend we hosted an 80s themed roller skate/pizza party for family and friends. We had a lot of fun grooving to the 80s and flying around the rink. I decked myself out in traditional 80s garb, but amazingly, I wasn't the best-dressed. My mom was crowned the best-dressed because she showed up in a totally awesome 80s punk outfit that blew all of us away. Way to go mom! I did win the award for the best fall though. Yup, that's right...I sealed my victory when I slipped off my feet, went completely horizontal in the air, and came down hard on my butt with a sickening SMACK that could be heard across the rink. So hooray for me. Here is a teaser from the day, more photos to follow! Me in my retro 80s sunglasses (left)...and my mom standing next to Wally in her award-winning 80s punk costume (right).

two photos of us dressed like idiots skating to 80s music in a roller rink in Stuart, Iowa.