A day at the zoo

As you can tell by my previous post, things have been a little crazy lately. Cathy and I decided we needed to get away and have some fun to try and preserve what's left of our sanity. When we first started dating, we took a lot of weekend trips to unwind and have fun. One of our favorite attractions to visit is the zoo. So, Sunday morning we decided we wanted to take a trip to the Omaha Zoo. We piled into the car, grabbed some snacks, and headed to the zoo to have some fun or, as Cathy says, "to take Brian home." Hahaha...she'll pay for that. Here are some of the photos from the day: Looking at the map

Working out our plan of attack.

Mother monkey holding her baby

Cathy is quick to point out one of my relatives.

Looking through the canyon

Looking up through the canyon.

South America

Heading into South America.

Monkey looking back

What??? Who said that?

Sad orangutan

Sad orangutan.

Orangutan reaching out

I can has a banana?

White tiger pacing

Pssst, camera man, got any meat?

Leopard sleeping on a rock

Catching a few winks before feeding time.


Tiger striking a pose, not bad for shooting through dirty glass...

Puma smashing face on glass

Do not tap on glass...smashing face is ok.

White tiger licking his chops

Hmmm...them little kids look pretty tasty.

Tiger laying with head down

I told mom I was sorry, she didn't have to ground me. Dad's gonna kill me when he gets home.

Bear eating a tree branch

These days everyone's watching what they eat. Here's a bear having a salad.

My lovely fiance Cathy

My lovely fiance Cathy...payback's coming.

Cathy in a hippos mouth

Cathy ride that hippo! Payback's almost here...

Me in hippos mouth

Ahhhh the hippo's eating me!

Beautiful peacock struttin his stuff.

Beautiful peacock struttin' his stuff.

Cathy making monkey face

PAYBACK!!! Who looks like a monkey now!?!

Bears fighting


Bear smiling?

Hi, my name is Pooh, can I meet your kids? K Thx!

Baby gorilla getting his blanket

This was one of our favorite moments of the day. This baby gorilla had a wooby. He practically dived for it when all the people showed up.

Monkey thing looking through glass

Hey, anyone in there? get me outta here!

Gorilla sitting by tree

Hey ladies...

Gorilla moving closer

Ready for my close up!

Fish swimming

These fish were fast! Ok fine, it was a slow shutter speed, get off my case!

Blue glowing jellyfish

Nuclear jellyfish?


Just popped up to say hello!

Spooky fish with clear eyes

This fish was really cool, his eyes were clear so you could basically see straight through his head.

Sea lions fighting

I told you to take the trash out!

Squirrel eating popcorn

This was a really daring squirrel. No matter what we did, he never ran away. He liked popcorn that much...