A Family Trip to Missouri

This weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of traveling to Missouri with my family. I brought my camera along with me because whenever my family gets together, there's always a good time. Although we were there on family business, we did find plenty of time to screw around. Here's some of the things that happened... fueling up the car

Fueling up the Element to get on the road.


Loading up on caffine.


An early start, the sun's just peeking over the horizon.

dorris and faye

Met up with the family to find that my sisters, Cindy and Tammy, are dressed as their alter-egos...Dorris and Faye.

faye poking dorris in the ass

And the silly shenanigans begin...Dorris went to use the outhouse but got attacked by Faye.

Dorris spots me

While trying to remain concealed, I'm eventually spotted by Dorris.

Dorris faceplant

Startled, Dorris tries to make a speedy escape, but doesn't get far.

A talk with Faye

A talk with Faye...always a sobering experience.

My niece Kara

My niece Kara, isn't she cute?

My nephew Wyatt

My nephew Wyatt...what a stud. Watch out ladies...


We worked hard on the farm and there were some injuries...

The Crossroads

Eventually we got hungry and went out for lunch. We found a little bar and grill in the center of town called "The Crossroads." They had some damn good burgers.


We hit the appetizers pretty hard. Onion rings, tater skins, and fried mushrooms....oh the humanity!

big burger

Finally got to the main course. The portions were pretty generous. Here's Tammy and her monsterous burger.

lunchtime aftermath

The lunchtime aftermath.


You might be a redneck if...you have a chandelier made of antlers.

weird chair

I'm not sure why, but this place had the weirdest chair I've ever seen. Why they would have a gyno chair around the pool table is beyond me...to each their own I guess.

coke machine

They had an old coke machine. Sweet!

Kara the pimp

Kara the pimp.

Wyatt the warrior

Wyatt the warrior.

Kara can fly

Not only is Kara cute, but she can fly...how awesome is that?

on the way home

After a long day and some crazy fun, we're finally headed home.