A Fantastic Wedding

This past weekend, a good photographer friend of mine, Amy Allen, invited me to be an extra shooter at a wedding. Having no experience in this area and liking a challenge, I gave it a shot. Immediately I realized that it was very fast paced, had rapidly changing lighting, and that you had to be near psychic to predict moments and be ready. Despite all of this, I managed to get some great shots and really liked the overall experience. Here are some of my favorites from the day. Getting ready for the ceremony Flowergirl and her father A little horseplay before the wedding Signing the guest book Flowergirls pretending to be brides Bride and groom seeing each other The first meeting Flowergirl being bored The father of the bride Grandma getting emotional Goofing off! The beautiful bride Little girl signing the guest book Showing a little love Bride and the flowergirl hugging Cute little toddler walking down the aisle