Ashleigh + Eric: West Des Moines Engagement

A little while back ago, I met up with Ashleigh and Eric for their engagement session. As a matter of fact, I just photographed their wedding this past weekend at the Rollins Mansion in Des Moines, Iowa…but we’ll get to that in a future blog post.

Back to the engagement. We really lucked out and had an ideal day to do this session. The forecast around this session was all rain and thunderstorms, but we were fortunate to have a day right in the middle that was beautiful and sunny so we took advantage of it. Working with these two was an amazing experience. They both have such great personalities that really mesh together perfectly. Eric’s a little more quiet and reserved, while Ashleigh is a giggly extrovert, but together they create a perfect balance. We really had a great time working with each other during this session and managed to capture their fun, goofy side along with their serious and romantic side.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful these two are, and I consider myself lucky to be able to document this beautiful connection they share.