Austin + Nicole Red Acre Barn Wedding


As a photographer, it’s not only my job, but also my passion to be a visual storyteller and capture precious moments for the couples I work with. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of juggling a business, networking, and a family, it becomes easy to forget just how much photographs can mean to people. Recently, I was reminded of that in a big way when I joined a team of local vendors and we volunteered our time to put on a wedding for a couple who were struggling and just needed a win.

Without going into too much detail, I became aware of Austin and Nicole’s situation when a friend of mine, Pastor Joe Karge, contacted me to ask for my help. You see, Austin had been recently diagnosed with cancer. Having beaten it once before, the couple knew they were in for an intense and ongoing fight. Originally they were set to get married in May, but with Austin’s aggressive treatment coming up, they knew he wouldn’t be at 100% and didn’t want to be reminded of that on their wedding day — a day that should be filled with joy instead. So, out of the kindness of his heart Pastor Joe took it upon himself to contact local vendors as well as the couple’s families to put together a wedding in just a matter of weeks. It was a massive undertaking but, after hearing their story, we were all happy to come together for this beautiful, deserving couple.

Fast forward to the wedding day and it was an exceptionally cold and snowy Sunday in January. We weren’t sure how many people would show up. With everything short notice, the couple simply put a post out on Facebook encouraging people to come and let fate take over. The result was nothing short of amazing as the barn began filling up with people. The outreach and support from everyone was nothing short of amazing. The day was a huge success and we helped this wonderful couple have the wedding of their dreams. It was an amazing experience to be a part of and I’m so lucky to work with Austin and Nicole as well as the other wonderful vendors who made this all possible:

Officiant: Pastor Joe Karge
Venue: Red Acre Barn
Makeup: Nicolle Tidman
Tuxedos: Skeffington’s
Videography: Stang Films
DJ/Music: Select Entertainment
Floral: Shelly Sarver Designs