Back in full swing

I've been running behind on both editing and blogging. Recently, I had 3 hard drives fail in a domino-like effect, which crippled my work flow. First thing my clients should know is that all of your photos are safe. Thanks to some elaborate planning for my file storage and backup system, I have countermeasures in place for events like this. However, the loss of these working drives has meant that I have been unable to work on files for almost a week while awaiting new drives. I'm pleased to announce that the drives came last night and after 5+ hours of restoring the files, I'm finally up and running again. I've been anxious to begin working again and have some really great posts coming. Here's a small taste of things to come over the next few weeks:

wendy smiling as she looks towards the windowNathan and Lisa wrapping their arms around each other at sunset in Des Moines, Iowa.Melissa and TJ sharing a kiss at the Greenfield Country Club in Des Moines, Iowa.