Blake + Justin: Emmetsburg Wedding

I'm still in awe when I think back to these two. Working with them was magic from the very first click of the shutter. Their engagement was hands-down one of my favorite sessions ever, but when it was featured on Junebug Weddings during the week of their actual wedding...that was just icing on the cake. Now, here's the final chapter of their story. Buckle up, it's that good. Blake and Justin's Emmetsburg wedding was one for the record books, truly. From start to finish, everything was picture perfect and all of us were along for the ride while we watched the love story between these two grow and unfold as the day progressed. We started in the morning with the beautification process of hair and makeup with some mimosas, laughs, and some nostalgic tears. Then, we headed over to their fabulous venue, the newly built Shores at Five Island, where we got Blake into that jaw-dropping dress and arranged a first meet.

We chose a beautiful little spot for the meeting, but before the couple actually saw each other, they decided to read letters that they had written. Justin wrote a beautiful heartfelt letter that he delivered to Blake and in return, she handed him a journal filled with entries that she had been writing since the very beginning. The journal featured hopes, dreams, and at last a letter to Justin — explaining what a blessing he had been in her life. It was all so moving, but things didn't stop there. Finally, it became time for the happy couple to see each other and with a nervous tap on the shoulder...Justin turned around.

I don't know how to describe it really. I suppose the best equivalent would be to say the event was like watching emotional fireworks. These two burst with excitement, happiness, and shed tears of joy as they both stared in disbelief. The day they had waited for was finally here. After a few kisses, the two of them wrapped in a loving embrace, giving no doubts to the fact that they belonged together.

From this point, the day moved quickly. We progressed through wedding party photos, family photos, and finally made our way to the ceremony by the lake that was just of the most beautiful ceremonies I had the pleasure of photographing. When it was all over, we dismissed the guests to have some cocktails while I took the bride and groom to a nearby field for our last set of portraits before joining the wonderful reception.

The couple entered with thunderous applause and after a delicious dinner, funny/sentimental toasts, and a brief llama story, Blake and Justin lit up the dance floor while their guests looked on in awe. After the first dances and an impromptu firework show, the real crazy dancing started and only ended when the bride and groom ran through a tunnel of sparklers and took off into the night.

The day a word...perfect. I'm so thankful to these two for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to tell their story. It's one of my favorites and I couldn't be more excited to share.