Cherry + Matt: Wedding // Des Moines, IA

Simplicity was the name of the game when Cherry and Matt were planning their wedding. They decided that they didn't need hundreds of guests, expensive plated dinners, or a large reception filled with gawdy decor. All they needed was each other and the people that meant the most to them. I love little weddings like this. Because they're so much smaller than the norm, everything is much more intimate. This level of intimacy lends itself to an atmosphere that is relaxed and filled with emotion.

Cherry and Matt's wedding was beautiful in its simplicity. It had everything they needed — nothing more, nothing less. Above all else, they wanted their family present and plenty of beautiful portraits so that's what we focused on. The original plan for the wedding day was a small ceremony in the rose garden behind the Des Moines Art Center, but the weather just wasn't going to let that happen. We actually had the ceremony in a conference room in their apartment complex and all things considered, it worked out very well. As the couple said their vows, the family huddled close before joining them at the front and tying their hands with strands of ribbon, symbolizing their union.

After the ceremony concluded, we set off to the Salisbury House in Des Moines where the event crew were setting up for a wedding for the next day. We only had about an hour on the grounds, but made the most of it as moved around the property and into the woods beyond. As we left the Salisbury House, we ventured into downtown Des Moines to add a little urban flair and wrap up Cherry and Matt's wedding portraits.

Working with these two was so natural and actually required little input on my part. It was such a joy to watch them move into a natural rhythm together and share a bond that truly transcends words. After shooting their engagement session this fall [shown here], I knew their wedding would be something special and these two certainly didn't disappoint. So, here's a story about two amazing people.