CreativeLIVE - An Education Revolution

Photo of Creative Live websiteToday, thousands of people gathered online for an announcement from photography guru Chase Jarvis as he introduced creativeLIVE, a new online classroom for creative professionals. How is this website different than the others? CreativeLIVE offers creative training for FREE and all the classes are taught by industry professionals. Among the many instructors, you can expect to see classes taught by Vincent LaForet, David DuChemin, Zack Arias, Scott Bourne, Art Wolfe, and so many others. The classes aren't just limited to photography. You can gain great knowledge on design, fine art, business, social media, and much more. There's no catch, all the classes are free and taught live.

You may be asking, "how do the professionals work for free?" Here's how: all the videos cost money if you view them beyond their original live performance. If you like or miss a presentation, you may purchase a videos of the courses for a fee which will go to paying the professionals and producing the content.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning more about the creative arts. For more information or to get signed up, go to Here is a quick promotional video from Chase Jarvis: