Emily + Ryan: Sunset Ridge Barn Wedding

Let me just begin by saying that this was the first time I worked with Emily and Ryan and also the first time I've photographed at Sunset Ridge Barn — neither of them disappointed. 

Sunset Ridge Barn was an absolutely beautiful venue. The property itself sits literally in the middle of nowhere, but has some amazing scenery that was just ideal for portraits. The barn was large and sat next to a pond with a large deck — perfect for cocktail hours or entertaining guests under the stars. Seriously though, if you're getting married and want a rustic venue, definitely check out the Sunset Ridge Barn.

Now, on to Emily and Ryan. As I said, this was the first time I had worked with them or, more accurately, met them. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I remember being pleasantly surprised. Emily and Ryan are a beautiful couple and watching them together, you immediately see how deep their connection goes. A fact that became abundantly clear when Ryan saw Emily coming down the aisle for the first time and couldn't hide the joy and excitement that lit up his face.

However, it wasn't until we got to the sunset portraits when I really saw what these two were made of. They were an absolute dream to work with — romantic, fluid, and able to shut off the outside world to focus on each other at a moments notice. Honestly, I could've done portraits of them for hours...it was that good. Eventually, we made our way inside to join their guests and dance until the late hours of the night.

I'm super proud to share this wedding and tell the story of Emily and Ryan permanently joining their lives together. Congratulations to both of them for a truly amazing wedding.