Forging Ahead

My 2016 wedding season has officially started and, with a few shoots under my belt, I can say that this is shaping up to be an epic year already. 2016 is going to be all about moving forward. I'm not only focusing on the product that I'm delivering to clients, but the overall experience as well. In essence, I'm taking everything and turning the dial up to 11. 

In fact, as you probably noticed while clicking through to get here, the site has changed. This is change number one. You may have been familiar with the old site, but in truth, that site was transitional phase while evolving to this new platform. In actuality, soon after I launched that stripped-down, minimalistic site, I began researching and building on this new site. After months of planning and many late nights, I ended up with the web presence that you see before you. This new site is streamlined and optimized to provide visitors with a richer experience as well as more in-depth and interactive content. 

Some changes you may already see, such as:

As for the brand itself, it's growing up. As evidenced by the website, everything has been moved to more sophisticated and artful direction. While I'm still focused on capturing all the beautiful moments and emotions that occur in the course of a wedding day, I'm taking special care to put more of an artful spin on them to further emphasize the beauty of those moments in time.

I'm also going to great lengths to improve client interaction. I really want to emphasize the hands-on approach and give my couples a level of attentiveness and care that you simply don't see anymore. In addition to providing high quality photos of one of their most precious days together, I want to help guide them through the process as smoothly as possible.

With this added level of service, comes a nice product — a laser-engraved crystal flash drive containing all the edited, high-resolution images from the beautiful wedding. Each flash drive will be placed in a high-quality box and served up with a selection of art prints from some of the most special moments from the day.

It's going to be a big year and I'm thankful to all of my great clients for trusting in me to capture their day. Here's to forging ahead!