Framed: A Father's Love


Hello and Happy Friday to all you readers out there — it’s time for another photo from my Framed Series. Today, we’re showing off this beautiful moment from Shalisha and Trent’s wedding at Noah’s Event Venue in 2017.

This particular moment is one of my favorites that happens during the wedding day…the father of the bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress. Having a daughter myself, this moment resonates with me strongly and it always makes me think about the day my little girl will get married. For this moment, we cleared everyone (except myself obviously) out of the bridal suite so these two could have a special moment all to themselves. While most father-daughter first-meets are special and involve tears, this one goes a little deeper that the norm. In this example, her father actually made her wedding dress…yes, you read that right…he made it. I was told that he got her measurements over the phone and some ideas on how she wanted it to look. Armed with knowledge of sewing from growing up with multiple sisters, he created the dress completely from scratch by buying the fabric, measuring, cutting, sewing, and doing the custom beadwork. So, when he walked in and saw his daughter standing there in his creation for the first time…lets just say it was a little overwhelming. This was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever captured and he really did raise the bar on fatherhood because, after this moment, I’m convinced that there’s just nothing quite like a father’s love.

Cheers and have a great weekend!