[FRAMED] Al's Tree

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! As you regular readers know, it's time for another [FRAME]. Typically these come from weddings, but today we're mixing it up and tackling one from a recent engagement shoot. This one is called Al's Tree. Lets dive in. Last week, I was gearing up for a beautiful rural engagement with an incredible couple, Allison and Dakota. In the week before the session, Allison and I exchanged emails and eventually settled on the idea of doing it on her parent's property in Panora, IA. During the week of the session, I had made arrangements with Allison's mom, Karen, to go check out the property and see what it had to offer us. Karen and I set off on a rugged jeep ride through the woods to go location scouting and eventually she took me to a place they referred to as Al's tree.

The tree was a large oak tree and, according to Allison's parents, it was one of her favorite places to spend time when she was younger. Regularly, she would leave the house, walk down a grassy hill, walk through the woods, cross a creek, climb a steep trail, and eventually find herself in an open meadow where this large tree sat. She would then spend hours underneath the large tree sitting, reading, writing, drawing, or whatever else she sought out to do.

I got the impression that it was an important and somewhat sentimental, so I knew it was one area we needed to visit during our engagement session that was coming up in just a few days. However, when we stumbled upon the tree during our jeep ride, nature had taken over and the area beneath the tree was filled with chest high grass, weeds, and other plants. Fortunately, Allison's dad, Jeff, was kind enough to trim underneath the tree in the days leading up to the shoot so when we got there, everything was perfect. As I began working with the two of them, I too found myself drawn to this place. The tree itself was beautiful, the lighting was phenomenal, and the atmosphere itself was so surreal. I felt as if I had just walked into a movie, but it was happening directly in front of me. We made some beautiful memories underneath Al's tree and, while the whole session was gorgeous, these images are some of my favorites.

I'm still working through this session, but when it's posted, you'll see what I mean. Until then, here's one from Allison and Dakota's beautiful rural engagement.


Allison and Dakota swing under her favorite childhood tree during their Panora, IA Engagement

Allison and Dakota swing under her favorite childhood tree during their Panora, IA Engagement