[FRAMED] Ballroom Blitz

Good morning and I'm happy to say that once again, Friday is upon us and it's time for another installment of my [FRAMED] series. This special moment comes from Anna and Bill's beautiful wedding/reception that took place last weekend at the Temple for Performing Arts. I'm calling this one, the Ballroom Blitz. Lets dive in. I spoke with the bride, Anna, earlier during the week of her wedding and it was at that point that she told me their special first dance was going to be a ballroom dancing routine. Immediately, I knew it was going to be something special. I've seen a few of them in the past and they're always an amazing show. Better still, they were keeping it a secret from everyone.

The morning of the wedding, I met with the groom, Bill, and asked him about the special dance taking place that night. Rather than tell me, Bill decided to show me so, he led me to the large grand hall where he partially demonstrated the elaborate ballroom dancing routine that they were going to perform. The routine was a mix of a waltz, foxtrot, many spins, and was going to end with a beautiful finale where Anna would sit on his lap as he kneeled. Perfect.

Fast forward to the reception, and the guests where finishing up their delicious dinner with the first dances coming up next. I had eaten quickly so I could study the room and map out where I wanted to place my lighting to help me during the first dance in the dimly-lit environment. I knew I wanted some multi-directional lighting to add a little drama and in no time at all, I had it figured out and waited patiently for everything to get under way.

Within minutes, Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" began to play and the dance began.

Just as they had said, they started in the middle with a slow waltz sweeping across the dance floor. Without warning Bill spun Anna quickly to one corner, pulled her back, and then spun her to the other corner. They began to pick up speed and intensity as they moved through the routine. The foxtrot came next and after a little more fancy footwork, they went back to some spins. There was a question of whether or not Anna could stay on her feet with so many fast spins, but she held her own beautifully. It was like watching poetry in motion. As the song wrapped up, Bill took a knee and Anna did a final spin and a little dip as she landed gracefully on his lap. They nailed it.

The audience took to their feet with thunderous applause as Anna and Bill stood up and took a bow. Just then, one of the guests from a nearby table ran over and handed them a stack of paper. Puzzled, I ran in for a closer look and realized that they were in fact name cards with scores written on the back of them! We all had a good laugh and, had it been a real ballroom dancing competition, these two would've taken home the gold hands down.

After that, the dance floor opened up and we all threw back some drinks, had some late night snacks, and danced our asses off. It was such an amazing night that I was sad to go, but the pictures speak volumes about the love and carefree spirit these two share.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

Anna and Bill perform a ballroom dancing routine at their Temple for Performing Arts reception

Anna and Bill perform a ballroom dancing routine at their Temple for Performing Arts reception