[FRAMED] Bridal Reflection

Weddings are all about the hustle. Many try to avoid it, but unfortunately it's an inevitable by-product when you introduce so many events into a single day. Remaining calm is essential for wedding day success so I always encourage my brides to relax and take some time just for themselves. Doing things this way allows them to collect their thoughts and re-center themselves before things get underway. It's a great way to keep things running smoothly and get rid of those wedding jitters. This shot was taken about a month and a half ago during Adam and Luisa's wedding in Des Moines. We were wrapping up the getting ready process at Luisa's house and she had just gotten into her dress. I turned to photograph some details around the room to help set the scene and when I looked back, I noticed this look on her face. I fired quickly and managed to get the shot I was after.

Now I don't know exactly what she was thinking about, I didn't ask, but to me it seemed like one of those moments of personal reflection that I always talk about. Personally, I love everything about this shot from the high-contrast tones, the relaxed posture, and of course that natural smile. Frames like this perfectly illustrate the importance of slowing things down and savoring everything that has happened and everything that is left to come.

a bride sits on the edge of her bed thinking about the day ahead | des moines wedding photographer brian davis