[FRAMED] Club Experience

Ok, this isn't a shot from a trendy club. This is actually a wedding reception — yeah...crazy huh? This shot was taken in July of last year at Kelly and Tony's Wedding. Their reception at the Temple of Performing Arts was insane. Not only was it fun, but they turned it up to 11 by having some amazing club lighting, a smoke machine, and some awesome remixes thumping throughout the night. In fact, by just talking about it, I can mentally take myself back to that point in time and remember the crazy amount of fun I had.

Shots like this perfectly sum up the kind of shots I love to get when the guests get loose and start to party. I strive to capture the ambient lighting, the energy, and the wicked dance moves from that point in time. It's one of my favorite parts of the wedding because everyone's having fun and, lets face it, an awesome soundtrack while your working really isn't a bad thing, right?

A crazy wedding reception with lights and smoke