[FRAMED] Comedy Double Header

You regular readers may have noticed that last Friday there was no [FRAME] — sorry about that. I was working on a few other projects that I've got up my sleeve and simply forgot to highlight my weekly [FRAME]. As a peace offering, I've decided to throw out two shots this week with the theme of comedy. Let's dive in. [SHOT 1] This first moment is from Danielle and Grant's Glen Oaks Country Club wedding [featured here] from May of 2014. The day had been a massive success and we had all moved into the reception to enjoy a meal and some wonderful speeches. Suddenly, the emcee announced that we were going to play a game — the kissing game. In case you're unfamiliar with this, here's how it breaks down. Couples' names are drawn from a hat and these two people come to the front table near the bride and groom. The selected couple then has to perform a stylized kiss that the bride and groom have to match. Think of it as a game of "Horse" with the lips.

Anyways, the emcee calls out Carl and Hollie, but only Carl comes to the front. He informs us that Hollie is in the bathroom and will be out in a few minutes. The emcee says "Ok...well it looks like we'll have to choose another pair of names..." Just then, Carl chimes in, "No, I got this," and starts making out with himself. The room erupts into laughter and cheers as he stands there groping and kissing. Grant and Danielle are clapping and laughing — scarcely believing what they are seeing. After a few passionate seconds Carl takes his seat and the room is still filled with quiet chuckles as Hollie wanders back in the room — unaware of what just happened. The moment was hilarious, unexpected, and absolutely perfect...probably one of the best ways I've ever seen to loosen up a reception!

Carl makes out with himself and Grant and Danielle's Glen Oaks Country Club Wedding | Des Moines Iowa Wedding Photographer Brian Davis

[SHOT 2] This glorious...uh...moment was from Lauren and Shaun's wedding this past fall. After the ceremony had drawn to a close, we sent the guests on to the reception for a cocktail hour while we ran around the grounds of Iowa State University to get some portraits and wedding party photos. We found a nice little area free of distractions to take some photos and were working through the groups pretty well. The girls had gotten all their shots individually with the bride and did a few cute group shots so now it was the guys' turn. This is where it gets interesting. In my years of shooting weddings, you can never predict what the guys are going to do. It's literally a wild card. I've seen everything from punching, chest-bumping, humping, and everything in between...but this one was new. Shaun and his groomsman Andrew were up next and, as I was getting ready to take the picture, Andrew jumped into Shaun's arms and apparently caught him by surprise. Shaun quickly reacted as he strained to catch him...and the resulting picture is amazing. I'm not sure what's going on the tongues, but the look on Shaun's face is a mixture of panic and surprise that makes me laugh every time.

Shaun's groomsman surprises him by jumping into his arms | Ames Iowa Wedding and Portrait Photographer Brian Davis

You won't see photos like this in a bridal magazine, but these little gems keep the job interesting and bring a smile to everyone's face. Happy Friday everyone!