[FRAMED] Cupcake Thief

Friday is here and we've successfully made it through the week. Congratulations! Today we feature another installment of my [FRAMED] series to round out the week. This week we're taking a closer look at the cupcake thief. This priceless and funny moment happened during Kaylyn and Joe's reception at Santa Maria Winery in Carroll, IA. We had just gotten done celebrating the union of this beautiful couple with an outstanding vintage chic farm wedding and sent them off in a custom ISU-themed ambulance.

While they were joy-riding, we all gathered at the winery to enjoy some great food and refreshing drinks. I was making my rounds and photographing details, candids, and getting the general layout of the place when I noticed their daughter, Remy, sitting with her grandpa. I had overheard that she was not to have any sweets to spoil her appetite, but that wasn't going to stop her. At a moments notice, she began grabbing at her grandpa's cupcake and shoving large chunks into her mouth, leaving a smeared ring of chocolate as evidence of her sneaky deed. Suddenly all eyes moved to Remy and she new she had been caught. Cleverly, she activated her only defense mechanism — maximum cuteness. She let out a happy squeal with her mouth still full of chocolate and everyone at the table began laughing and shaking their heads. She had gotten away with it. Bravo.

I love kids at weddings because they don't necessarily understand what's going on so they tend to blow right past the social restrictions that would stop adults from doing the same things. Their innocence, lack of restraint, and irresistable cuteness allows them to get away with just about anything — often yielding priceless and hilarious results — such as shoving chocolate in their face and laughing until pieces fly all over the table.

Cheers and Happy Friday!

Cupcake Thief | Des Moines Iowa Wedding Photographer Brian Davis