Framed: Daddy's Gift

Weddings are very much about the bride and groom joining their lives together and celebrating the loving connection they share. However, sometimes the kids are overlooked a bit because, in actuality, they are making a commitment as well. This is why I love it when their new fathers make the time and do a special gesture to show that not only are they marrying their mom, but also marrying them too.

This is the case with Shalisha and Trent’s wedding at Noah’s a couple years ago. It was the end of the night and we’d all been partying by hours at this point. Shalisha’s daughter, Skylar, had burned up all her energy and was sleeping comfortably on a couch in the bride’s dressing room. Before I was heading out, Trent approached me and mentioned that he has a special gift to give Skylar and presented this beautiful heart-shaped box. On the lid, there was an engraving that read:

I love you more than words can say.
Forever Yours,

It was such a beautiful gift and we actually felt a little bad about waking her, but knew that it was important. We slowly got her up and she sat on Shalisha’s lap as Trent went up to her and gave her his promise to always take care of her and love her. Then, on bended knee, he presented the box to her and her face lit up. They shared a long hug while we all watched and smiled.

Joyful moments like these are so precious and they are some of my favorite images because of the genuine love and emotion that come with them. Capturing moments like these as they happen give me such a rush because they will be cherished forever and I’m happy to document these memories for people. So remember, kind gestures like this go a long way for the kids who love just as much and risk nothing less.