[FRAMED] The Dancing Catalyst

Happy Friday everyone! As I sit here enjoying my coffee, I wanted to take the time to share another one of my [FRAMED] images with you. This one comes to us from Sam and Kevin's wedding in downtown Des Moines at the World Food Prize Building (Hall of Laureates) a few weeks ago and is called The Dancing Catalyst. Lets dive in. First, I'll set the scene. The reception was going smoothly. The guests had all eaten, toasts had been given, and the couple had just enjoyed their first dance as well as dances with their parents. The DJ announced an open dance floor and began blasting progressive club music while also lighting the dance floor in a swirling array of colorful lights. Sounds like the makings of a great party right? Well, truth be told, the dancing started slow. Casually, people would mingle, dance for a song, grab a drink, and go right back to mingling. The dance floor never stayed full for very long. People just weren't that interested in dancing.

I watched for a while and got some candids of the few dancers that ventured out, but I wanted more. Both myself and the DJ secretly hoped that people would hit the floor after another drink or two. Within a few minutes, our prayers were answered.

The groom, Kevin, charged the dance floor like a man possessed and began tearing it up. At one point, he even took his tie off, put it on his head, and began twirling it like a helicopter. It was an awesome show, but it only got better. As if by magic, virtually everyone in the room flooded the dance floor and surrounded Kevin. Before we new it, everyone threw their hands in the air and jumped to the pulsating beats. The energy was electric and Kevin was the lightning rod. After that, the party was out of control and the dance floor remained filled the entire night...even extending for one or two encores. This party animal of a groom became the catalyst that ignited one hell of a party.

I loved it and don't think I stopped smiling the entire night. And with that, I wanted to share a little advice to those who have a wedding day on the horizon. Remember to get out and dance on that dance floor. You may want to talk, have drinks, and catch up with old friends but, seriously, nothing gets a party started like when the bride and groom take the floor.

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned next week as I'll be sharing a lot of new work that you'll need to see to believe.

Happy Friday!

The groom acts as a catalyst driving everyone to the dance floor | Des Moines Wedding World Food Prize Hall of Laureates

The groom acts as a catalyst driving everyone to the dance floor | Des Moines Wedding World Food Prize Hall of Laureates