[FRAMED] The Dip

I shoot lots of weddings each year and in my travels, I experience many great things. One thing that has always remained near the top of the list for my favorite wedding moments is the father-daughter dance. There's something about it that just resonates with me. I love seeing the look of pride from the father and the tears/smiles from the bride as she dances with the man that's been there her whole life. That's why frames like this are so important to me and I can't stress this to my clients enough...you simply cannot put a value on special moments. This particular image was captured during Sarah and Zach's wedding earlier this year at the Temple for Performing Arts in downtown Des Moines. After the bride and groom did their first dance, Sarah stayed on the floor and danced with her father. They smiled and laughed as they made their way around the dance floor to a song that had a special meaning to them. When the dance was finished, I was expecting the customary hug, but instead I got this beautiful dip that was only made better by Sarah's amazing smile.

As I said before, you can't put a price on these special moments. The emotions captured here are why I shoot this way and love what I do. And, being a father of a little girl myself, I often get emotionally invested in shots like this because I know the value of having happy memories with my daughter. In fact, I've even started thinking about her wedding and what I would say during the speeches. Pretty crazy huh? While my daughter is almost 3 and that seems like a long ways away, I know it'll be here before I know it — there's no harm in being prepared.

Anyways, enjoy the photo and happy Friday!


Sarah enjoys a dip with her father during their wedding at the Temple for Performing Arts | Des Moines Iowa Wedding Photographer Brian Davis