[FRAMED] Double Header

It's time for another installment of my [FRAMED] series and since I missed last Friday due to the Holiday, today it's a double header! [SHOT 1] This was taken during Lauren and Jeff's ceremony this past fall. I loved this wedding because it was so unique an scenic. They had built a ceremony site on their acreage by a beautiful lake...how cool is that? Anyways, during the ceremony, each attendant was given a champagne bottle that was actually a party popper filled with confetti. The plan was to wait until Lauren and Jeff kissed and then fire them all off so it rained confetti everywhere. Awesome. However, in the middle of the ceremony, the best man got a little too eager and had a premature celebration. The champagne bottle exploded, shot confetti all over the place, and scared the hell out of everyone, the bride included. We were all mortified and quickly turned our attention to the bride, expecting her to be furious. Lauren did something no one expected...she started laughing...hard. It actually ended up being a hilarious break in the middle of the ceremony and a great story to tell. I'm happy to report that the rest of the ceremony went without incident.


[SHOT 2] This is another shot taken from Lauren and Jeff's wedding and, at first, it looks like they are simply petting a sheep. However, there's a bit more to it than that. During the reception at the Flynn Barn at Living History Farms, we decided to run outside and take a few more pictures before the sun went down. We walked through the old town square and found an area with some good light and a nice tree hanging over a rustic fence. Perfect. I positioned the couple and took aim with my camera. Suddenly I heard a loud BAAAAAH  come out of no where. At first I thought it was a loud belch, but then I noticed an irritated sheep running full speed towards the fence. I about dropped my camera from laughing so hard. "C'mon guys," I said to the couple, "lets move farther down." To my surprise, the sheep followed, BAAAAAH ing the entire way. The sheep's persistence was hysterical and it seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with the groom because it just kept starting...intently. Guess there is no denying that Jeff looked good in that tux.