[FRAMED] Family Song

Good morning all of you Friday readers and if you're here, you know what's going on...it's time for another Friday [FRAME]. This one comes to us from Adam and Luisa's Wedding last year in downtown Des Moines. And away we go... After the ceremony was over and we ran around to do some photos, we were on our way to the reception at the always amazing, West End Architectural Salvage. I was excited because I've never shot a reception here, but for those of you looking for a venue, I highly recommend it. The interior is awash with vintage and reclaimed furniture, signage, trinkets, and relics from old buildings that are no longer standing. Basically, we walked right into the world of American Pickers.

Dinner was an open buffet so people ate at their leisure while a live latin band provided a smooth rhythm that inspired pockets of dancers to gather in the various corners of the room. Eventually, everything stopped and the music was silenced — it was time for the toasts.

The toasts were conducted on the enormous wooden staircase on one end of the main room. First up was Luisa's father who gave a beautiful speech about how proud he was of his daughter and how he and his family had embraced and welcomed Adam. Next up was Luisa's sister who talked about how proud and happy she was for her sister to be so successful in life and also find the man of her dreams. The best man went third, telling stories of Adam and himself when they were younger while also speaking of how he met Luisa. Finally, Adam's father took the stairs and announced that he would not be giving a speech, but instead, conducting a song. A song that was unique to the family and extended back across generations. Evidently, this song was one that resonated in the hearts of all the family members and also one that was performed at every family function.

The room fell silent and Adam's father raised his arms and began to sing loudly and passionately. In no time, all the family members in the room joined in as a wave of harmonious singing quickly filled the antique-filled room. As the family song progressed, the family got louder and louder while everyone else simply watched in amazement. After a few minutes, the large family chorus wound down until once again, the room became silent. Adam's father took the mic again, congratulated his son, welcomed Luisa to the family, and wished everyone a fun and memorable night of dancing. The room erupted into applause and cheers as everyone rushed hug the newlyweds and express their adoration over the beautiful family song.

This just goes to show that one of the most important things you can have at a wedding is family. And, even though you are used to them and think they are pretty average...sometimes they can still surprise you.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend! I'll be spending all day tomorrow at a beautiful wedding on a winery followed up by a Sunday trip to the pool with my family.

Cheers everyone!

Adam's family sings a family song during the reception at West End Architectural Salvage | Des Moines Wedding Photographer Brian Davis

Adam's family sings a family song during the reception at West End Architectural Salvage | Des Moines Wedding Photographer Brian Davis