[FRAMED] Fetch Photobomb

Good Morning and Happy Friday! For you regular visitors, you know what that means...it's time for another [FRAME]. This one originally got shared on Facebook earlier this past week, but it's just too good to not put on here, so I'm deciding to share it again and give a little background story. Lets dive in. This shot happened just a week ago at Paige and Andrew's wedding in Carroll, Iowa. We had just wrapped up with the ceremony and family shots at the church before jumping on a party bus and heading out to their family farm for drinks, snacks, and some portraits of the bride and groom. We pulled up out front and everything was already set up. Music was blaring, snacks were arranged, and the drinks were chilled. The wedding party charged the food and drinks while the videographers and I took the bride and groom around back to get some one-on-one time with them. First, the videographers set up a few scenes with the bride and groom while I scoped out a few portrait locations and took some behind-the-scenes shots.

When the videographers were finished, they turned things over to me so I could get some of the shots I needed to get while one of them kept the couple's dog, Hana, busy with a rousing game of fetch. We were in an area with two rows of beautiful trees so I instructed my couple to walk between them and take some time to talk to each other, while being sure to smile and occasionally look at each other. We started moving. Paige and Andrew walked toward me and I began backing up, taking shots at random intervals. Suddenly, I heard one of the videographers shout...

"Oh no! No No no! Hana! Hana!"

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the ball had bounced directly behind where the bride and groom were walking. Hana bolted over there to retrieve it, popped her head up, noticed the bride and groom, and began running full speed towards them. I saw her coming up fast and I said,

"Uh oh, looks like Hana's going to photobomb us!"

The bride and groom stopped and were just about to turn around to grab the dog when a light bulb came on.

"Wait!" I said, "Keep going!"

So, the bride and groom continued walking and in one fluid move, the dog flew around the couple, creating a photobomb at precisely the right moment. I checked it on the screen and was amazed at what I saw...even Hana's expression was perfect...complete with a tennis ball in her mouth. I shared with the couple and we all got some good laughs over it. I knew they wanted photos of both of them with Hana, but this was far beyond anything that even I could've expected. I guess some of the best things do happen by accident.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

The bride and groom's dog Hana dashes through the frame during portraits

The bride and groom's dog Hana dashes through the frame during portraits