[FRAMED] First Meet

Good morning everyone! It's Friday and you know what that means — it's time for another [FRAME]. This week we're highlighting one of my favorite parts of the wedding day and probably one that carries the most excitement with it...the first meet. Lets dive in. When planning out your wedding day, you usually have your foot planted in one of two camps — traditional or first meet. In other words, you're either a couple who want to wait to see each other during the ceremony or, you want to have a first meet. The first meet is a beautiful moment. It allows us photographers to set up a private moment in very controlled circumstances for you to see your better half in their elegant wedding garb. Speaking for myself here, I look for beautiful and/or unique locations with some great lighting to ensure that my photos are going to look the best they possibly can. When you couple that with the excitement and emotion that typically come with first meets, you can get some shots that are truly priceless.

Such is the case with today's photo.

This shot was taken a few weeks ago during Bella and Alex's wedding at the beautiful Salisbury House in Des Moines, Iowa. Our morning went off without a hitch and both the bride and groom were ready and waiting to see each other. The videographers and I arrived on site and immediately took the bride aside for a little pow-wow to understand her vision for a first meet. The bride said that she had originally thought of doing the first meet on a staircase connected to the back of the house. In looking around, both the videographers and I noticed that the house staff were doing a lot of preparations for the reception later that night. They were constructing tents, hanging lights, arranging furniture, etc. We approached the bride and explained the situation and suggested an alternate location around the side of the house. There was a flat grassy area on an elevated platform that had beautiful lighting and a terrific background of trees. We told her that this area was much more private and the simpler background of trees would give her and Alex more prominence in the photographs. She decided to take our advice and we got everything ready.

Alex was in position and Bella approached him slowly. Her hand reached out and gently tapped him on the shoulder. He slowly turned around until his eyes met his beautiful bride and an enormous smile filled his face. Bella's eyes filled up with tears as she quickly wrapped her arms around her handsome groom. The moment was without a doubt, perfect. Even after we got the shots we needed and stepped back to give them time to compose themselves. Their smiles never faded and their love never ran deeper.

As I said in the beginning, first meets are priceless moments filled with emotion and can yield amazing photographs. So, if you're getting married and are trying to decide how you would like to see your future spouse for the first time, I urge you to give careful consideration to doing a first meet. They're always some of my favorite photos from the day and who knows, they might just be yours too.

Thanks for reading and Happy Friday! Cheers!

Bellas eyes tear up as she sees Alex on their wedding day

Bellas eyes tear up as she sees Alex on their wedding day