Framed: Flash Mob

Good Morning and Happy Friday.

Today we’ve got a fun framed moment for you from a wedding I shot just TWO weeks ago. Ashleigh and Eric got married at the elegantly beautiful Rollins Mansion in Des Moines and it was such a blast working with them throughout the day to document their fabulous wedding. It wasn’t until the reception that things really cracked off and the party got started so lets take a look at one of the highlights from that portion of the day.

During the reception, the DJ was playing some great beats and getting people really moving during the outdoor reception in the brick courtyard. As the reception raged on, I got little bits of information about a surprise coming that virtually no one knew about. About an hour or so into the open dancing, the surprise was revealed and it was better than I ever could’ve hoped for. You see, the groom and his groomsmen downed some liquid courage and took to the dance floor to perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller….flash mob style.

The music began blasting through the speakers as the groomsmen mobbed the dance floor. The crowd parted and created a large circle to watch the performance as the groomsmen assembled in their Thriller formation. The beat slowly came in and the guys unleashed their dance moves amidst the clapping and cheering from their family and friends. As the song continued the groomsmen kept pace and stumbled around like zombies with perfect choreography.

Ashleigh, the bride, had a front-row seat and spent her time laughing and clapping as her new husband and his friends tore up the dance floor for the entire 8-9 minute song. There were some slick moves, butt shaking, and they even inched closer to her before finally reaching our and snarling to give her a jump. When the song finally finished, the zombie horde was met with thunderous applause and admiration from the guests as they charged the bar and had a round of celebratory beers. It was an amazing addition to the reception and really helped take the night to the next level.

Thanks for reading! Cheers and Happy Friday!