[FRAMED] The Hug

Happy Friday Everyone! Today's [FRAME] is taken from Jeanie and Scott's wedding in Des Moines last year. During the reception, as the speeches wrapped to close, Scott stood up and said the customary thank you to all the guests and the families for their help in planning the wedding...but he didn't stop there. He changed gears and began to talk about Jeanie – all that she meant to him and all she had done for him. As he continued to speak, the faces in the audience changed from happy smiles to looks of compassion until Jeanie stood and gave him a long hug of love and gratitude.

Shots like this are some of my favorites to capture during weddings. When people let themselves become overwhelmed by emotion and act instinctually, the shots carry with them a sense of real emotion and authenticity that you just can't fake. They're powerful and only last for a single moment, but in that time, nothing more beautiful. And, having some dramatic lighting drastically adds to the flavor.

An emotional hug with Jeanie and Scott