[FRAMED] The Ladies Man

Friday is here and I'm going to kick it off right with another [FRAME]. This one still makes me laugh to this day. It was probably one of my favorite moments from last year. Today we look at "The Ladies Man." This beautiful moment happened this past fall during Melissa + Jake's wedding [blogged here] at the Teachout Building in downtown Des Moines. I was working the room covering some candids, details, and anything else I thought would be worth capturing. After some time, I noticed I had a shadow following/watching me work. This young man was a relative of the couple as well as a groomsman. After talking with him a few minutes, he mentioned that he had a passion for photography, which ultimately led to him showing me some of his work. He asked for a bit of critique and I was happy to give it because I understand how hard it is to get started with photography and learn all the terminology. I quickly gave him a crash course in the relationship of the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Armed with his new knowledge, he ran off to enjoy the reception and put all of this to practice.

The night continued as planned as we worked through dinner, toasts, and the first dances. Now it was time for the party dancing to start. I was shooting the dances with my usual method of popping the flash, which sparked the curiosity of my young apprentice as he ran over to interrogate me on my technique. Out of nowhere these two ladies grabbed on to him and they each planted a big kiss right on his cheeks. I raised my camera up as fast as I could and fired a shot. It was all over in the span of a few seconds. After a short blissful daze, his ear-to-ear smile slowly faded and he ran over to me shouting "Oh my god, oh my god, tell me you got that!" I flipped my camera around and showed him the screen, and there it was, forever immortalized. "SWEET!" he exclaimed and before I could say anything, he whipped out his phone, grabbed a screenshot, and took off into the crowd giggling. Come to find out, he posted it on Facebook immediately to brag to his friends...well played sir, well played.

I love funny moments and like I said, this one still makes me laugh. It was just so funny to see the excitement on his face and watch him scurry off to claim his bragging rights.


Lucky Guy Gets a Kiss from Two Attractive Ladies | Des Moines Iowa Wedding Photographer Brian Davis