[FRAMED] Last Kiss

Good Morning and Happy Friday to all of you loyal readers out there. It's time for my weekly Friday [FRAME] to highlight one of my favorite moments from the past. This week, I'm sharing a moment from Michele and Cole's beautiful wedding on their family property in Madrid, Iowa. This one's called "Last Kiss." Lets dive in. It had been a perfect day for a wedding. The sun was shining, the fall colors where vibrant, and the entire wedding day had gone so smoothly. Realistically, what more could you ask for? But, as the night settled in, guests started to slowly filter out and the reception was coming to a close. Michele announced that she wanted to try some shots with sparklers outside. So, we moved all the guests outside, gave them sparklers, and began to arrange them for some last minute shots. However, the alcohol had clearly taken effect as a few of the remaining guests began to wander off while the others prematurely lit their sparklers. Everyone else must have interpreted this as the "Go" signal because before long, all of the sparklers were lit.

Quickly, we moved Michele and Cole into position and took some shots of them in the middle of the crowd — which worked out surprisingly well. Next, we had them stand still and had people with sparklers chase each other around the newly-married couple. Eventually, all the sparklers burned themselves out and we thought the photos were finished. We began to head back inside when I noticed one final sparkler sitting in a bucket of sand.

"Hang on guys, I have one more shot to try."

I led them out into the grass again, we lit the sparkler and I instructed them to hold it out in front of them and share a long last kiss. Michele and Cole happily obliged and I snapped away. Now, you may think this idea is great, or, it may be a little cheesy. But, that doesn't matter. To me and to the happy couple, this moment was symbolic because as the sparkler burned down, the two hot points grew closer and closer until they finally became one — much like the lives of these two amazing people. Then, as the last bit of light flickered and faded away, it signified the end of a truly beautiful and enriching wedding day.

I love these shots because in a single moment, you can catch a glimpse of the wonderful connection that these two share. I can't wait to share their story in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Michele and Cole share a last kiss after their beautiful wedding in Madrid, Iowa

Michele and Cole share a last kiss after their beautiful wedding in Madrid, Iowa