[FRAMED] Leap Frog

Good Morning and Happy Friday! Today we've got a unique [FRAME] from Emily and Josh's beautiful Summerset Winery Wedding in Indianola, Iowa. This high-flyin' shot is called Leap Frog...I think you can see why. Before the ceremony got underway, the wedding party was hanging out in the loft of the main building playing cards, talking with friends, and going over what antics they were going to perform on their way in to the reception. I saw these two talking about and rehearsing this adult-sized leap frog game. I remember thinking how sketchy it was...I mean, he barely cleared her head. However, in spite of all that, I still wanted to see them attempt it. Who wouldn't?

The beautiful outdoor ceremony came and went — ending with the bride and groom taking off down the aisle to the sound of thunderous applause and cheers. As they were having their receiving line inside to greet their guests, I managed to sneak upstairs to the lofted reception space so I could photograph the details and some candids as people entered. Eventually, the receiving line was finished and the DJ announced that the wedding party would enter very soon and for everyone to take their seats. The guests grabbed their drinks from the bar and found their places. I chose my vantage point, dialed in my settings, and waited to see if my wish would come true.

The grand entrance started and the DJ announced the couples one by one. The first couples came in smiling, waved to the crowd, and then took their path to the head table. Before long, I saw my two leap froggers and wondered if they would do it. They both came in waving and smiling, just like the others and my heart began to sink — they weren't going through with it. Just then, I saw the guy stop and remove his jacket as the girl continued walking ahead. Suddenly, he ran at her like some sort of blitz attack, threw his hands on her shoulders, and took a mighty leap...sailing right at her head. At precisely the right moment, she bent her knees and tucked her head, barely giving him enough clearance successfully finish and land his jump. The room, which was full of guests with their mouths hanging open, transformed into a sea of applause and laughter as these two gave a wave to the crowd and took off towards the head table.

This is why I love weddings so much, all of the little surprises and moments that can really add to an already amazing day. And, who knows, next time maybe we'll see a bride and groom try their hands at a little leap frog...any takers?

Cheers and Happy Friday!

A groomsman and bridesmaid play leapfrog during a recent wedding

A groomsman and bridesmaid play leapfrog during a recent wedding