Framed: Michael Jackson

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

Firstly, I just wanted to say that I realize I missed last Friday’s Framed post and I’m sorry to those who came looking. We had an incident at our house where we got about 5 inches of rain in an hour and were getting water in the basement. I was up since 2:00 am fighting the water back and didn’t get a post created.

However, this week we are back to normal and we’re throwing down some funk as we have a moment from a wedding a few years ago where a lively guest decided to show off his dance moves by emulating the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Lets dive in.

This series of images are from a wedding I did a few years ago featuring the wonderful couple Jordyn and Sterling. You can view the full wedding here. We made it through the day and had a wonderful time creating memories and documenting everything. The couple had literally waited all day to do portraits around golden hour (thanks to my suggestion) and we got some absolutely amazing shots. After our portrait session, we did the first dances and then finally opened up the dance floor for everyone to get loose.

At some point, I saw this gentleman working up a pretty good groove and I said something along the lines of, “Wow, you’ve got some moves!” Someone nearby overheard the comment and chimed in, “You should see him dance to Michael Jackson, he loves it.” Well surely, I had to see where this was going to go. So, I went over to the DJ to suggest some Michael Jackson and in no time at all Billy Jean began echoing throughout the venue. What happened next was incredible. This man not only danced to the song, but he attacked it with ferocity and created this beautifully expressive series of shots which really got the crowd going.

Personally, I love shots like this that have such a degree of energy and authenticity. I always look for moments like this at every reception I go to…they’re just too much fun. It’s nice to see that even though he’s been gone a few years, Michael Jackson can still take a party to the next level.

Cheers and Happy Friday!