[FRAMED] The Noise Violation

Happy Fantastic Friday! Today is the first Friday of 2015 and the first [FRAME] of the new year. Today's selection is from Sarah and Zach's wedding earlier in 2014. This particular shot happened after the ceremony at the Temple for Performing Arts in downtown Des Moines. When the ceremony concluded, the entire wedding party invaded Centro's bar area downstairs to throw back some drinks and watch the coverage of a horse race. The wedding party was hooting and hollering as the horses rounded the final bend and crossed the finish line. As soon as they finished, the crowd erupted into a flurry of screams, fist pumps, and spilled drinks. They were so loud in fact, that I thought we were going to be thrown out of the bar!

Looking back at this frame, all I can do is laugh at the raucous groomsmen. Even though they were unbearably loud, it was such a good amount of fun. And, bonus...it looks like they're celebrating the new year too!

Cheers everyone — and I'll raise my coffee mug to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2015!

Wedding party screaming at the horse race

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