[FRAMED] The Party Crowd

Happy Fantastic Friday to all of you readers! It's been a such a great week and we're going to finish it off with a surge of energy by talking about one of my favorite groups of people — the party crowd. I'm cheating a bit this week and instead of showing one image, I've actually got a grid of 4 queued up. Hopefully, the extra photos will give you a better idea of just how amazing this group of people was. This series was taken during Liz + Anthony's outstanding Des Moines Wedding [featured here]. As a matter of fact, to this day, I still refer to these two as my rock n roll couple because they were just so awesome. I mean, how can you not love a wedding that incorporated skulls as decorations?

Anyways, going through the day with them was a great experience. Their fun, care-free attitude really made their wedding laid-back and unique. We had a lot of fun, laughs, and maybe a drink or two. But, for me, the party really didn't amp up until the reception. That glorious night these two filled the Temple For Performing arts with an eclectic blend of tracks that really brought the house down. In another room, they had a photo booth complete with funny props and costumes to add a little extra life into the reception. As is customary with these kinds of events, it wasn't long before the costumes and props started making their way on to the dance floor. Within a matter of moments the dance floor was packed with a sea of jumping guests that were waving drinks while wearing crazy hats and novelty sunglasses — in other words, it was one hell of a party.

I love situations like this because it's just impossible to not have a good time. Everyone's dancing, laughing, and the energy just keeps driving you. The blend of crazy lights and props were entrancing and I found myself grinning non-stop as I pulled down shot after shot of this epic party. The only sad part was right around mid-night when we had to wrap it up...but we always have the memories (and the photos), right?

Cheers everyone! Also, stay tuned early next week for a big announcement.

The Party Crowd | Des Moines Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer Brian Davis

The Party Crowd | Des Moines Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer Brian Davis