Framed: Private Song

Good Morning and Happy Friday! If you’re here, then you know what’s up — it’s time for another installment of my Framed Series. This moment is a beautifully sweet moment that definitely does not disappoint. It’s from Shalisha and Trent’s wedding at Noah’s Event Venue. So, without further ado, lets dive in.

This moment was one of my favorites because I love shots that contain beautiful emotion and also some good music — this one covered both of those. Apparently, early on in the relationship these two shared quite a wonderful night at a concert by local musician Damon Dotson. Little did they know that his soulful voice would set the tone for what turned out to be an amazing relationship. So here we are on the wedding day when these two asked none other than Damon Dotson to be the musician for their ceremony.

The guests took their seats and the ceremony was officially under way. Damon started playing his guitar and the air filled with some of the most beautiful music I had ever heard. Jaws dropped far and wide as he played on while Shalisha marched down the aisle in her stunning wedding dress. But, we weren’t done. Nope…not by a long shot.

After the ceremony, the guests cleared out, but Shalisha and Trent remained behind for a special, private performance from the man who helped set their relationship in motion years ago. The bride and groom pulled up some chairs and, once again, the air was filled with that beautiful, soulful music. What happened next was probably the best part of the whole thing (at least for me). As Shalisha and Trent listened to the song, they closed their eyes and I could actually see them being transported back in time as they listened to Damon’s music. They swayed back and fourth, savoring every last second. Then, as the song was wrapping up, their eyes opened and they started at each other and smiled. They said nothing, but that look said all that needed to be said. All in all, it was such a beautiful moment and I’m so thankful I got to not only witness it, but capture it for them.

Cheers and Happy Friday!