[FRAMED] It's Raining Beads

Friday is here and we're kicking it off right with another weekly installment of my [FRAMED] series to highlight some of my favorite moments from past weddings, and this week is no exception. Today, I'm sharing a story about some rowdy guests and a tsunami of water beads. This image comes from [Erin and Nicks Wedding] back in May of 2014. As I mentioned in the linked post, they had hired me for a two-day wedding extravaganza consisting of an intimate family ceremony on day one, and a no-holds-barred party on day two.

At the start of day two, I show up at Prairie Moon Winery in Ames to begin covering the decorating process. They rented out the entire building for this massive reception and were decorating it with a beautiful vintage theme consisting of burlap, string lights, and of course, mason jars. The goal was to spend a day laughing with family and friends as we enjoyed an endless supply of beer, brick oven pizza, and desserts — my kind of wedding, am I right? The day was in full swing and guests were talking, laughing, and playing yard games all around the property. I made my rounds photographing all sorts of little moments and details to tell the story. I was loving the stress-free atmosphere and getting some great candid shots when suddenly...


Something hit me in the back of the head. I looked around and noticed a pocket of people hunkering down and snickering. I strolled on over and asked "Are you the culprits?" I was met by raucous laughter — looks like I had my answer. It was after that when I finally figured out what had hit me. These guests were aunts and uncles of the bride and groom and had apparently gotten their hands on those aforementioned mason jars filled with water beads. They were taking turns hurling them at other guests, landing them in drink glasses, and shooting them down shirts. After we shared a few laughs, I decided to stand nearby and take some shots of them in action...the reactions were priceless. It wasn't long before I had to join in — peer pressure, ya know?

While we were having our fun, someone must've told the groom's dad because he burst out on the patio and told us to knock it off. Apparently, we were making a big mess. Instead of taking him seriously the guests, who were his brothers and sisters, met him with an onslaught of water beads that sent him reeling backwards. Honestly, he should've expected it, but the siblings should've also expected what happened next. As he turned to avoid taking fire, he covertly grabbed a full jar of water beads from the table behind him. When he turned back around, he returned fire by hurling the entire contents of the jar at his siblings. Immediately, they began running and ducking to get out of way, but the spray was too large. When all the beads had settled, we all paused, took a look around, and started laughing hysterically. A truce was called after that to avoid escalating the situation any further...and also because we ran out of beads. We made a big mess, but it was just too much fun to pass up!

Cheers and Happy Friday!

a shower of water beads stops some rowdy guests