Framed: Serenade

It was an absolutely perfect day at Glen Oaks. Kim and Sean had successfully joined their lives in marriage in front of family and friends. We had taken the couple out for some golden hour portraits and enjoyed a delicious dinner by the Glen Oaks staff before being entertained and emotionally tugged by some beautiful toasts from the wedding party. It was now time for the first dances.

The guests filed out onto the veranda and surrounded the dance floor, waiting for the bride and groom to emerge. The music slowly filled the air and the sea of people parted to reveal Kim and Sean strolling their way on to the dance floor. They took their dance positions and began to spin and sway to the sweet melody. The lights dimmed and created an intimate ambiance while the couple moved to the music and let he emotion in their hearts run free.

Soon after the couple did their first dance as husband and wife, they invited their parents to the floor to dance with them as well. There were smiles, laughsd, and tears as the music slowly faded out and the applause from their guests soon echoed throughout the veranda. But we weren’t done. Not even close.

The groom had arranged a special surprise for the bride. So, her maid of honor pulled her out onto the dance floor while Sean strolled over to the DJ table and grabbed a microphone. A look of confusion came over Kim’s face as Sean took center stage directly in front of her. Soon, the soft acoustic music filled the air as Ed Sheeran began to play. Sean moved the microphone to his mouth and began to sing. Everyone was as surprised as I was, but as it turns out, Sean was an excellent singer and belted out the song in perfect harmony. The audience began to sway and Kim couldn’t hold back her beaming smile.

It was an absolutely beautiful moment and, when the song concluded, the couple hugged and kissed to a round of thundering applause from their family and friends. Personally, I love surprises and emotions that come from moments like this. It’s the reason why I got into documenting weddings and I’m so thankful I could capture these moments for such an amazing couple.

Cheers and Happy Friday!