Framed: Sister Spotlight


Hello and Happy Friday to all you readers out there — it’s time for another photo from my Framed Series. Today, we’re showing off this funny and unique moment from one of my favorite weddings from 2018…Maddie and Mitch. This funny and unique image was the brain child of both myself, and Jordyn, the bride’s sister who just had to have her moment in the spotlight.

The backstory on this is that initially, I met with Maddie’s parents and sister, Jordyn, first to talk about the wedding day. During that initial meeting, it was made very clear to me that one of Jordyn’s favorite hobbies was to steal everyone’s thunder and be the center of attention. I heard some stories of past instances in which this happened and it seemed to be a pretty regular thing. So, naturally, I began running my mouth and said, “Well on the wedding day, we’ll have to set aside time for you to have your own photoshoot.” Little did I know how true that sarcastic little comment would prove to be.

So, fast forward to the day of the wedding. Maddie and Mitch had just gotten officially announced as bride and groom and now it was on to the fun part of the wedding day, the party bus and all of the beautiful portraits of the bridal party and, of course, the bride and groom. We pulled over in Waterworks Park because it gave us great bang for our buck…a lot of beautiful locations confined into one little area. We unloaded the bus and did the bridal party shots, giving them all the opportunity to relax and have a few drinks while I worked with the bride and groom.

I took Maddie and Mitch to a few locations I spotted on the way in and began cranking out beautiful shot after beautiful shot. Then, out of back of my mind came the idea to incorporate her sister into one of the shots. I didn’t want to just throw her in with the bride and groom like a regular portrait…no…this one needed to be special. I wanted a shot that completely symbolized how she always steals the show. So, I yelled out for Jordyn and she came bounding over as she tends to do. I told her my idea and her face lit up. I placed her in the background of the photo and had Maddie and Mitch lean in for a kiss. I wasn’t sure if it would work but, as it turns out, this created the perfect space to frame Jordyn and I snapped the photo. I reviewed the image on the back of the camera and a wave of satisfaction washed over me….it was exactly what I had pictured in my head. Before long Maddie, Mitch, and Jordyn ran over and erupted with laughter. We had created an image that perfectly summed up their relationship. In case you’re wondering, the photo was immensely popular at the reception when we showed their parents what we had done. They say that some pictures are worth 1,000 words, but in this case, 1,000 laughs were more accurate.

Cheers and have a great weekend!