[FRAMED] Special Blessings

It's been a big week for me as I rolled out my new site/brand and have finally began working on all the little side projects that have been shoved off in favor of my new look. All I can say is that I'm thankful it's Friday which means it's time for this week's [FRAME]. This little moment is a blast from the past and was grabbed during Alli + Cody's beautiful Tournament Club of Iowa wedding [featured here]. As you can see by Alli's lack of dress, this shot was taken early in the morning during the getting ready process — one of my favorite times of the day because everyone's focused on having fun while the anticipation is slowly building. Lets dive in.

It was a beautiful July morning and I had just wrapped up photographing a quick golf session with the guys and was making my way to Ames to document the girls. When I arrived, the party had already started as the girls were laughing and dancing around the house, which was a mess thanks to the bachlorette party the night before. Alli and her maid of honor were huddled over their laptops compiling a final wedding day playlist while "Father of the Bride" played in the background.

Eventually, it came time for Alli to get ready so she strolled into her parents' bathroom and took a seat while the hairstylist did her thing. Periodically, the other girls would poke their heads in the door and check her progress only to be greeted by a big beaming smile while Alli munched on apples — her favorite fruit. Every now and then there would be a big commotion as her sister would come in to the bathroom and yell at her because she had just painted Alli's toenails and Alli had a bad habit of curling her toes around the drawer handles of the bathroom vanity, smearing the nail polish and causing her sister to re-apply it.

Somewhere around the 3rd or 4th application, her maid of honor popped her head in to give Alli a gift. Alli opened it and found a notebook of special blessings and wishes from all of her friends, classmates, and teachers. This compilation was curated within the past month by her bridesmaids and immediately floored Alli as she feverishly flipped through the pages, reading all the remarks. Page after page of these special blessings caused her smile to grow until finally she hit a story that caused her to erupt into a laughing fit. The moment was so beautiful and I was fortunate enough to capture this [FRAME] amidst the outburst.

For me, this single shot summarizes that whole morning — I remember it vividly. As a matter of fact, moments like these are the reason I got into weddings. Sure, all the main parts of weddings are great, but for me, this is where it's at. I call these the "moments in-between" because they're often stuck right in the middle of everything going on, but become really powerful in terms of their story-telling potential and emotion. Over time I've learned that there are so many of these interwoven into the fabric of the wedding day, that you really need to keep your eyes open and watch for them because they can happy at any time. However, no matter how many I catch, they will never cease to amaze me.

Thanks for reading and happy Friday! Cheers!

A book of surprise blessings boosts a bride's spirits on her wedding day

A book of surprise blessings boosts a bride's spirits on her wedding day