[FRAMED] Spiderman

Good morning readers, Friday is upon us. Today on my [FRAMED] series, we get to meet a real life superhero. Today, we've got Spiderman! Ok...not really, just a groomsman with some crazy climbing abilities and alcohol flowing through his veins, but still pretty awesome. These [FRAMES] were taken from Lauren + Jeff's wedding [featured here] this past fall. More specifically, these are from their amazing Flynn Barn reception at Living History Farms. It was an amazing night as the barn came to life with bright lights, thumping music, and flowing mason jar drinks.

At one point in the night, this groomsman realized that his drinks gave him superpowers...because everyone knows that alcohol does that — common knowledge, people. Anyways, he decided he was going to climb up into the rafters of this historic barn. He grabbed hold of the wooden support and started his ascent, but was quickly stopped by the event staff. They scolded him, reminded him of the danger/liabilities, and then walked off. Now, anyone who's been around someone that's been drinking knows that negotiating with them is like trying to reason with a small child — a simple "no" wasn't going to cut it — and such was the case here. As soon as their backs were turned and in one last defiant act, he let his superpowers take hold again and began his climb. This guy climbed fast and in no time, he was standing up in the rafters, towering over a sea of on-lookers shouting for him to get down, myself included. Just then, the seas parted and in stormed the event staff, furious at his defiance. After some continued shouting, he reluctantly and safely climbed down to rejoin the party.

This moment was crazy...albeit a little funny, but could've easily tipped the other way. I'm all for having fun but just remember, if you're going to drink...do so responsibly. And, if you're going to assume the powers of a superhero, choose one that doesn't deal with heights that much. Maybe someone like Batman. Yeah, that'd be cool.

Cheers and Happy Friday!

Spiderman Groomsman Flynn Barn Living History Farms Des Moines IA Wedding Photographer Brian DavisSpiderman Groomsman Flynn Barn Living History Farms Des Moines IA Wedding Photographer Brian Davis