Framed: Staircase Descent

So, I royally screwed up last Friday and forgot to create a Framed post. I really need to get better at this blogging thing. But, have no fear, this week I have a doozy from a wedding I just shot less than a week ago. This image is one of my current favorites as well as one of my favorites of all time. Let’s get into it.

As I said, this shot is from a recent wedding and features a beautiful couple, Justin and Indira. Leading up to the wedding, Indira and I spoke on the phone to establish a clear timeline for the day and figured out the morning logistics of how I was going to document the getting ready process. We decided that I would head to the Airbnb house they rented for the wedding day and look around a bit as this would be the location of the first meet and the family/wedding party photos. I arrived at the house and was immediately blown away, it was so beautiful and featured this spacious foyer with a long staircase and chandelier. Indira had left a list of some possible places she scoped out for dress photos as well as some ideas for her first meet. Her ideas were good, but just didn’t quite seem to fit — my mind just kept coming back to that foyer.

Finally, I said, “Wow this is quite the space. I love this staircase and chandelier.” The grooms dad, who had been showing me around said, “Yes it’s beautiful…Indira really liked the chandelier.” I turned to him and said “I think we need to hang the dress from it. The dress isn’t too heavy and should be able to easily hang if we could reach.” He looked at me and said “Well….there’s a ladder in the garage that should reach it.” “Done,” I said.

So, now that we had the dress shot figured out, the next on the list was the first meet. Immediately when I walked into this house, I had a vision of Indira walking down these stairs and how amazing that would look as she slowly descended down to where Justin would be standing. Amazingly, there was a big window over the front door that cast the perfect amount of soft ambient light on the stairs…so now I just had to figure out where to stand to get the shot I was after.

As a second stroke of luck, across the room was a little alcove with a dining table and I figured out that if I stood on the opposite side of the table and ducked under the light fixture, it would give me the angle I was after. However, it was tight and my 35mm couldn’t get the field of view that I wanted. I switched to my 24mm…the widest lens I own and, thankfully, that did the trick.

Finally, I positioned Justin and Indira, gave them some simple instructions, and then let the magic unfold. Indira slowly walked down the staircase to an anxious groom and I fired off shot after shot on the way down. It turned out exactly as I pictured it and I couldn’t be more pleased. As I look at this photo it stands as a testament to following my artistic vision and striving for that perfect shot. I love this because of the beautiful tones and the feeling of anticipation that comes from this shot. Much like the couple, this shot is perfect.

Cheers and Happy Friday!