Framed: Supportive Stepfather

Happy Friday to all of you out there. It’s time for another installment of my Framed Series where I review a moment from a past shoot and talk about the backstory as well as why I like the particular image. This week, we have an image that happened by chance, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

I was working with Jordyn and Sterling to document their wedding and the morning was going by so perfectly. The girls had their hair and makeup done and we had arrived at the venue – Sticks – to get some shots of the bridal details as well as photograph Jordyn getting into her beautifully detailed dress. The only place suitable to have her photographed while getting into the dress was in an upstairs office that hung over the large warehouse. The office itself was encased in glass so there was natural light coming in all around and it was very unique. We got her into the dress privately and then moved her near the windows to get some shots of her mother buttoning the back of the dress.

As I was shooting this crucial moment of the wedding day, I happened to catch a glimpse of something in the background. I peered through and there was her stepfather sitting at a table below admiring this beautiful moment that was unfolding. Her stepfather was a great man and it was so heartwarming to see him beaming with pride as Jordyn stood there in her dress. I really wanted a shot of this, but the angle was a little off…until Jordyn’s mom’s arms moved apart and created a perfect little window and, just like that, I got the shot I was after.

In retrospect, I love this shot and I’m happy that I was able to capture this moment. If anything this moment has taught me that as a photographer, we get so focused on the image that’s immediately in front of our viewfinder and often forget to scan our environment for other potential shots. Sometimes it’s not about the moment happening in front of you, but the people around you reacting to that moment. It was a great lesson and one I’m proud to say I’ve learned.

Cheers and Happy Friday!