[FRAMED] Tabletop Dance

I know it's been a while since I've posted one of these, but now that I'm digging myself out from under my workload, the [FRAMED] series is coming back in full swing. Today, we're kicking it off with a great moment from my last wedding of the year with Erin and Scott. I'm calling this one "The Tabletop Dance," lets dive in. My day with Erin and Scott had been great so far, but I knew that some of the best times were yet to come as we entered their beautiful reception venue, Celebration Farms. If you're looking for a great venue in Iowa City, I highly suggest it. The beautiful round stone barn was absolutely incredible and Erin's family and friends had spent the entire day decorating the place which elevated an already stunning venue to the next level.

We walked in and were bowled over by the warm, rustic wood and stone fireplace dominating the center of the room. As guests filtered in, they shared our excitement and enthusiasm as all of their mouths hung open in disbelief. Eventually, everyone found their tables and the dinner began. The food was wonderful and we had the pleasure of enjoying some dinner time entertainment by watching the toasts as we ate. There were sentimental moments, funny moments, and then a moment where the bride's mother opened the couple's champagne with a sabre...you can read about that highlight [here].

The night was progressing beautifully and soon it was time for the first dance. The couple took the floor, the music played, and they began to move. In all honesty, it was your average first dance. Nothing to write home about here. However, about halfway through...it took a strange twist.

At this point, we'll pause for a second and talk about Erin and Scott's physical attributes — specifically honing in on their height difference. Erin, happens to be a little short, coming in at about 5 feet tall...give or take a few inches. Scott, on the other hand, is extremely tall, probably coming in around 6'5"...give or take a few inches there. In other words, the height difference is quite a bit. If you stood them side by side, Erin would come up to about his chest. Apparently, this didn't sit to well with Erin and she decided to make a little amendment to their first dance when she was planning it out. So, she had her family build a special tabletop platform for her to dance on to even the playing field a little bit. Scott didn't know about this at all so the following events were quite surprising and pretty hilarious.

Now, back to the story. The first dance had hit it's midpoint when suddenly, the music stopped. Looking confused, Scott started looking around the room to figure out what had happened. Suddenly, the music kicked back on to a different song — one he really liked. Next, the audience parted and out came this special tabletop dance platform constructed from half a barrel, a donut shaped piece of plywood, and a few legs. Scott's face turned red as he couldn't hold back the laughter. The audience shared his sentiment as the room suddenly roared to life with laughter and applause. The platform was placed on the dance floor while Scott took his place in the center and Erin hopped up on the platform. Amazingly, they were now at eye level and continued the dance with both of them grinning from ear to ear. They circled around and around on the platform until the song ended. At which point, the couple shared a long hug and kiss which was shortly followed by a celebratory fist pump by Erin as she hopped down.

This moment was absolutely priceless and when I heard this was happening about a week prior to the wedding...I didn't know if they could pull it off. However, when that contraption came out of the crowd, I was in shock...but not near as much as Scott. His face was a twisted blend of disbelief and laughter. As for Erin, she got her special moment and created the only "tabletop" first dance that anyone had ever seen.

I'm looking forward to sharing this wedding in the near future but for now, enjoy the photos and thanks for reading.

Cheers and Happy Friday!

Erin's family builds a platform and allows her to have a tabletop dance with her groom during their reception

Erin's family builds a platform and allows her to have a tabletop dance with her groom during their reception