Framed: The Dab

I’ve seen lots of things over my ten years shooting weddings. As far as numbers go, I’m well into the triple digits, but I’ve never quite seen anything like this. During this recent wedding at the Barnes Place, Thanh and Yome decided to give their guests an extra reason to celebrate during their grand entrance into the reception.

It was business as usual. The wedding party had done their entrances and had some fun with it. The DJ made the announcement for the guests to get on their feet and welcome the new bride and groom. Everyone stood, the music played, and Yome and Thanh made their way into the groom and started navigating through the crowd. As they got to the main straightaway, the couple paused from their smiling and waving. Without warning, the music quickly changed to Gangnam Style and the rocked a dab in front of everyone and began dancing…but they weren’t done. It was widely known that Thanh is a great dancer so, while Yome stood back, Thanh continued the trend and started showing off some of his other moves as he danced his way up to the head table.

The crowd responded with thunderous applause and shouting as they showed their support for the bride and groom who definitely made their grand entrance one to remember. Thinking back to their wedding, this was the first indication that it was going to be one crazy party. As a matter of fact, by the time the open dancing started, the guests attacked the dance floor like a hurricane and it turned out to be the perfect end to a beautiful wedding day.