Framed: The Letters

Good Morning and Happy Friday! If you’re reading this then we’re about to dive into another one of my favorite moments from my history of photographing weddings. Before we get starts, I have to make this one quick as I’m getting ready to chaperone my daughter’s school field trip :)

Anyways, on to this week’s moment. I had the opportunity to head out to Cedar Rapids to photograph Naomi and Derek’s wedding which turned out to be as amazing and unique as they both are. We got ready at the Double Tree hotel and, during the getting ready process, Naomi mentioned that she and Derek had letters that they wanted to read to each other during their first meet. So, I needed to find a beautiful place that would lend itself to this special moment. I stared out the hotel window to see if there was anything near by that I could use and I noticed a trestle bridge with train tracks on it farther down the river.

I waited until the girls had gotten to a good point in their getting ready process before heading out for a few minutes to find and scout out the location that I had spotted from the hotel window. When I finally found it, it was absolutely perfect. There was a beautiful tree on a bank by the river immediately next to the entrance of the trestle bridge. Confident that I had found the spot, I headed back and told the couple the news.

When it was go time, we took two cars and headed down to the location. I got Derek out of the car and positioned him perfectly by the tree and prepared him for Naomi’s approach. Naomi exited her car and strolled carefully down the bank where her handsome groom awaited. With a gentle tap on his shoulder, he turned around to lay eyes on his stunning bride. The two hugged, kissed, and stood in awe of one another for what seemed like an eternity. Next, we headed over to the bridge because we thought the river in the background would make for some beautiful shots. Naomi and Derek proceeded to read their letters to one another and pour their hearts out. They were filled with kind sentiments, fond memories, and meaningful anecdotes. The letters were so compelling that it moved both of them to tears when they finished reading. Soon after, they hugged and kissed…soon to be man and wife and start the next adventure in their lives.

Personally, I love moments with this much emotion and it’s exactly why I shoot the way I do because capturing beauty like this as it’s happening is so meaningful and impossible to fake. Well, that’s it folks, heading off to the field trip and a day out in nature. Keep coming back as I have an engagement to share this coming week and, of course, another Framed post on Friday.