[FRAMED] The Reveal

Good Morning and Happy Friday to all you regular readers out there, it's time for another weekly [FRAME]. This one features a moment that doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it can yield some powerful emotions. The moment I'm talking about is a special reveal for the bridesmaids. This particular one happened during Blake and Justin's wedding at The Shores in Emmetsburg, IA and is one of my absolute favorites. Lets dive in. As I said above, having a bridal reveal for the bridesmaids doesn't happen that often. Typically these are done for the groom, the father, or sometimes even the mother of the bride. However, doing one for the bridesmaids can be equally as important because, more often than not, they've all been long-time or even childhood friends of the bride. When you factor in the years of stories, secrets, and experiences they all share...the bond runs deep and the emotion of seeing the beautiful bride step out wearing her dress is enough to send them into a fit of gasps and tears. Such is case with Blake and her bridesmaids.

The first meet was fast approaching and we had just gotten Blake into her dress with the help of her mother and sister. She looked stunning — no I mean really stunning. I suggested the idea of possibly doing a reveal with just her bridesmaids before going to see Justin. Blake loved the idea and then we put our heads together to figure out how it would work. What we came up with was to have Blake stay in the room, but hide behind a folding screen room divider until all the bridesmaids entered. Once in the room, we would have her slowly stroll out from behind the screen and hopefully watch magic unfold.

So, we did some final preparations and hid Blake behind the screen. I went out into the hallway to usher in the bridesmaids who were waiting anxiously. I explained that we would be doing a reveal just for them and their faces lit up with smiles. They paraded into the room and we arranged them into a line to ensure that we would see all of their reactions. When everything was all set, I took my position and gave Blake the thumbs up. She took a deep breath and slowly stepped out to face the line of bridesmaids who were now gasping while their eyes filled with tears. As I worked different angles around the room, one thing became clear...the bridesmaids could scarcely believe what they were seeing, myself included. This stunning bride rendered the entire room speechless and even began holding back tears of her own. It was a great moment and one of my favorites from the day.

I truly can't wait to share this wedding in the near future, it's going to be great one. Until then, enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

A special reveal for the bridesmaids renders them speechless

A special reveal for the bridesmaids renders them speechless